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Get Windows 11 update

by MH RISHAD - 10 Jul 2021

Microsoft’s latest and most new operating system has just been released "Windows 11"

Microsoft is offering Windows 11 free of charge.

How to check if your laptop can run Windows 11

Follow these steps to test whether your PC meets the system requirements for Windows.

1. Download Microsoft's PC Health Check here. Open the file, agree to the terms of service and click Install. Make sure the box is checked that says Open PC Health Check, and click Finish

2. The app home page that pops up says "PC health at a glance." At the top, a box reads "Introducing Windows 11." Click Check now

If your machine is not compatible, you'll get a message that says, "This PC will not run Windows 11." Though at first this was all you could see, on Friday, Microsoft updated the tool to give you more detailed information on what system requirements were not met. 

If your machine is compatible, you can download the Windows 11 update for free when it becomes available around the 2021 holiday season.

System requirements to run Windows 11

Here's the full list of system requirements for Windows 11, including at least 4 gigabytes of RAM, 64GB of storage and a 720p display larger than 9 inches diagonally.

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