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FREE Best CPU Temperature Monitor Tools

by MH RISHAD - 02 Dec 2021

CPU Temp Monitor Tools In 2021 :: Best Tools

#1. HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a great tool that gives users the versatility to not only check their CPU temperatures but also allows them to monitor a whole host of other hardware features too. With this easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to check your GPU temps, your fan speeds, storage devices, and a tonne of other hardware outputs too.  So, if you want a very simple and effective monitoring tool, HWMonitor is a great place to start.


#2. Core Temp

Core Temp is a simple, compact, and powerful tool that can monitor processor temperature and some other important information. It supports Windows OS and Intel, AMD, & VIA x86 based processors.

All the major processor manufacturers have included Digital Thermal Sensors in their product which gives more accurate and higher resolution temperature information. Temperature readings will be correct as there will be a direct collection of data from Digital Thermal Sensors.


  • Core Temp will let you know the temperature of each core of every processor in the system.
  • Temperature fluctuations can be monitored in real-time with varying workloads.
  • It provides a mobile app for Android and Windows phones so that you can monitor your systems while you are out of the office or home.


#3. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is pretty similar to HWMonitor, offering similar features and monitoring options. Unlike Core Temp, Open Hardware Monitor offers a bunch of additional monitoring features, including clock speeds, load, and power consumption to name but a few. You can also keep eye on your GPU as well, with temps, load, fan speed, and clock speed on offer.

Open Hardware Monitor is a great alternative for those that don’t fancy using HWMonitor, bringing plenty of versatility to the table.



#4. Speed Fan

If you’re a fan of the old-school retro styling, Speed Fan might be the CPU temperature monitor for you. Despite it having a fairly basic design, it offers some pretty advanced features – for monitoring software anyway. Users will be able to set fan speeds based on the temperature of their CPU, enabling them to set a more efficient fan pattern than what you’d get out of the box.

As with all these CPU temp monitors, you can also check CPU temp, GPU temp, and overall system temp with Speed Fan.


#8) Real Temp

Real Temp is a tool for CPU temperature monitoring. It is designed for all Intel Single Core, Dual Core, QuadCore, and Core i7 processors. There are Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS) on every core of these processors. These sensors will report temperature data relative to TJMax. This program stands on the temperature data gathered using a Fuke 62 IR Thermometer.



  • Real Temp can read temperature information from all Intel Core-based processors.
  • It can individually calibrate Real Temp for each core of your CPU.
  • Your DTS sensors will get checked by test sensors for the signs of problems.
  • It will keep the track of minimum and maximum temperatures along with full logging features.
  • It provides a high-temperature alarm and shutdown feature based on the CPU or NVIDIA GPU temperature.



#6. CPU Thermometer

Up next is CPU Thermometer, an extremely simple CPU temperature monitor which does exactly what it says on the tin. It offers a style that is very similar to HWMonitor and Open Hardware Monitor. However, it doesn’t come with the functionality of GPU temp measurements.

Like some of the other CPU-only temp monitor tools in this guide, CPU Thermometer gives you clock speeds, CPU core temps, load percentages, and overall power consumption too.


#7. Speccy

Speccy is the first CPU monitoring tool on this list that leans more towards a complete PC utilize rather than just CPU/GPU monitoring. Using Speccy allows you to not only monitor the temperatures of your hardware but it also gives you a thorough rundown of the PC’s hardware specifications.

For those looking to sell their PC, this could be a great way to display what your PC has from a hardware standpoint. Furthermore, with a great visual display, it’s easy to read temps whenever you’re monitoring your CPU/GPU.


#6) NZXT CAM Software

NZXT CAM is free software for PC monitoring. This fast and efficient solution will let you control every aspect of the computer. It will give you detailed information about your computer from the processor load to bandwidth consumption.


  • NZXT CAM will provide information on applications that are making the use of every part of the machine.
  • It can perform In-Game monitoring for current FPS, CPU/GPU temperatures, time played, battery level, CPU/GPU load, etc.

Verdict: NZXT Cam is a complete PC monitoring solution. It is easy to use. CAM supported NZXT RGB products are AER Fan, Lighting Strip, Cable Comb, etc.


Price: NZXT CAM software is available for free.


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