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Enable Google Play store Dark Theme to All Android Devices

by MH RISHAD - 12 Mar 2020

Google Play has added the anticipated Dark theme for all Android devices. The new move comes months after Google initially started rolling out the Dark theme for select users. The official Google Play account on Twitter has announced the latest development. Dedicated Theme settings are available within Google Play to let users switch between Dark and Light themes with a tap of a button. In the recent past, apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram also brought dedicated dark themes to their apps to provide users with an ease of accessing content in a low-light environment.

As per the official announcement posted on Twitter, Google Play has expanded the rollout of the Dark theme to all Android devices. All you need to do is to visit Google Play on your Android device and then go to Settings > Theme to select whether you want the existing Light theme or switch it over to the Dark theme.

For users who have an Android 10 device, there is a System default option that lets Google Play match with the system theme and change the theme accordingly. This means if you've selected the system-wide dark mode on your Android 10 device, Google Play will automatically switch to the Dark theme or vice versa once the System default option is selected from the Theme settings.


In September last year, Google kicked off the rollout of the Dark theme update for the Play store. The update was, however, limited mainly to devices running Android 10.

Google hasn't provided any details about the Google Play version that has added the Theme settings to enable the Dark theme.. Nevertheless, Gadgets 360 was able to see the change on the Play store version as low as 19.1.27.





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