Make Money Online (10 Ways).... Part 2
28 Nov-2020

Earn Money in online part 2....

4.Build Applications – Create A Business

A programmer is a creator. You know, you can create applications (be it web or mobile). Why don’t you create an app and make money out of it? If things work in your favour, you may even be able to make it a full time business.

Making money from an app is a passive income model. You create an app as a product. People download your products (or subscribe to your Software as a service (SaaS), and as long as they keep using it, you’ve an income opportunity.

Based on your skills & expertise, you’ve different opportunities to create an app. For example, you’re a PHP developer with good experience in WordPress CMS platform and Magento shopping cart platform.

5.Programming Contests & Bounties

Do you like to try a fun way of making money coding online? I am speaking about bounty programs and contests! Unlike other methods we discussed so far, this is not a sure shot way to make money programming. But its definitely fun and explores the skills in you.

A bounty program usually rewards you when you find a security issue /bug and report it with proof (how to reproduce the bug). All big companies like MicrosoftIntelFacebookGithub, and many thousands of other companies run bounty programs related to security.

For example, Github offers 30,000 US Dollars as bounty rewards for anyone who submits a valid critical security issue. They have various bounty rewards, the simple ones starting from 500 USD. Just like Github, many other companies have bounty rewards in different categories.

The problem with bounty programs is that, you cannot ensure a steady flow of revenue. Just as the name ‘bounty’, you hit a jackpot when you actually find a critical vulnerability. If you cannot claim any valid security issue, you don’t get a penny!

6.Develop games

If you’re good at developing games, you can make passive income. Games are a combination of good designs, 3d models, and programming. If you lack any skills, form a team (2 or 3 persons) to compliment your skills.

  • Upload your games in Google Play Store or iOS App store or other popular game marketplaces.
  • You can monetize games using in-app advertisements and in-app purchases.
  • Making money from advertisements is an easy to follow route, but often not producing great returns (unless you get millions of downloads).
  • The best strategy to make high returns (money) is to adopt in-app purchases. Design your game strategically that forces players to make purchases to win the game.

7.Go Local – Get Projects

As an expert web developer or programmer, you can always make extra money by taking consultation projects. Do you know you’ll get many projects from the local area you reside in?

For example, you’re a mobile app developer living in London, United Kingdom. Many startups and small businesses would be searching locally (in London) for app developers who can help with mobile application development.

If you list yourself in local directories, you’ll get reach to those who search local developers. Google My Business is a great option to get projects locally. I’ll show how.

If you’re not familiar with Google My Business, it is the Google maps based results we get when we make a query in Google. A result screenshot for the query “web developers near london” is shown below.

If you can setup an office address in your home or some co-working space near your place, you can also list in Google My Business. Once you get listed in Google My Business platform, you can improve the listing to rank higher for search keywords related to your niche.

I’ll show you some interesting data about keywords. Let’s find out how many people search with the keywords “web developer” and “mobile app developer” from the London area.



Google to presently appear you TikTok, Instagram and other short video
News 30 Dec-2020

Google is supposedly testing a unused highlight that will appear TikTok , Instagram and other brief recordings in its carousel. This implies that instead of opening person apps to observe brief recordings, one will be able to observe them within the Google look comes about. As detailed by TechCrunch, the move ‘could offer assistance the company hold clients in look of social video amusement from completely taking off Google’s platform’.

Carousel of brief recordings was to begin with spotted prior this year inside Google Find. The customized bolster is found on the Google portable app and to the cleared out of the domestic screen on Android phones. The brief video carousel was at that point accessible to choose Android clients. The include collated recordings from stages like YouTube TikTok equal Trell and Google’s claim Tangi.

Expansion of the include to incorporate Instagram and TikTok recordings was to begin with spotted by Look Motor Roundtable through Brian Freiesleben’s tweet. The highlight was available when one looked for “packers” within the Google app.

The TechCrunch report clarifies that this “Short Videos” carousel is distinctive from Google’s Stories. Already known as ‘AMP Stories’, the Stories include was presented in October 2020 to the Google Look app. It is accessible to both iOS and Android running gadgets and comprises of short-form recordings. The substance is ordinarily made by Google’s online distributing accomplices like Forbes, USA Nowadays and others.

Cyberpunk 2077 patch and Torrent Download Files


CDPR says it has changed the way its “braindance” sequences look. During these sequences, a device is placed in front of your character’s eyes that flashes red and white lights. The impact is comparable to what real neurologists do to trigger seizures for analyze, agreeing to Ruppert, who detailed that she endured an epileptic scene when she played the diversion.

The blazing impact amid braindances has been “smoothed out and the flashes diminished in recurrence and magnitude,” concurring to CDPR’s fix notes. Ruppert said she worked with the studio this week to assist test the settle. “I think this will offer assistance Numerous epileptics and non-epileptics feel more secure in #Cyberpunk2077,” Ruppert said.




The overhaul has numerous other fixes, counting one for an issue where a few copyrighted tunes would play indeed when a player had flipped a setting to impair copyrighted music from playing. CDPR had cautioned streamers to turn off all music within the amusement on Thursday as a brief workaround to dodge possibly activating a DMCA strike.

In spite of Cyberpunk 2077’s numerous early issues, counting reports of destitute execution on more seasoned supports, the diversion has been a gigantic money related victory so distant. CDPR has as of now earned back the full costs of improvement and showcasing absolutely through computerized pre-orders, concurring to a record on CDPR’s speculator location (PDF). The diversion had more than eight million preorders, CDPR declared on Wednesday.

Cyberpunk 2077 moreover crushed Steam’s concurrent player record for a single-player diversion, cresting at more than 1 million concurrent players on Thursday, agreeing to SteamDB. That figure more than multiplied the past record held by Aftermath 4, which had a crest of more than 470,000 concurrent players in 2015.

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Offering Cyberpunk 2077 refunds ....

CD Projekt Red's dystopian cutting edge enterprise amusement Cyberpunk 2077 has had a harsh couple of weeks. Commentators pounded the company over the numerous bugs and glitches they found within the diversion. At that point on Thursday, Sony's PlayStation division pulled the amusement from its computerized storefront, advertising discounts to any troubled clients. And presently, in spite of the fact that Microsoft is still offering the diversion, it as well said it'll offer discounts to clients who ask.



"We know the designers at CD Projekt Ruddy have worked difficult to transport Cyberpunk in amazingly challenging circumstances," Microsoft said in a explanation Friday, which it posted to Twitter. "To date, we have allowed discounts to the endless lion's share of clients who have asked one. To guarantee that every player is able to induce the involvement they anticipate on Xbox, we are going be growing our existing discount arrangement to offer full discounts to anybody who acquired Cyberpunk 2077 carefully from the Microsoft Store, until advance take note."



CCNA2 Chapter 1
Course - 12 Jan-2021


Exploring the Network

§Explain how multiple networks are used in everyday life.

§Explain the topologies and devices used in a small to medium-sized
business network.

§Explain the basic characteristics of a network that supports
communication in a small to medium-sized business.

§Explain trends in networking that will affect the use of networks in
small to medium-sized businesses.
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