Make Money Online (10 Ways).... Part 2
28 Nov-2020

Earn Money in online part 2....

4.Build Applications – Create A Business

A programmer is a creator. You know, you can create applications (be it web or mobile). Why don’t you create an app and make money out of it? If things work in your favour, you may even be able to make it a full time business.

Making money from an app is a passive income model. You create an app as a product. People download your products (or subscribe to your Software as a service (SaaS), and as long as they keep using it, you’ve an income opportunity.

Based on your skills & expertise, you’ve different opportunities to create an app. For example, you’re a PHP developer with good experience in WordPress CMS platform and Magento shopping cart platform.

5.Programming Contests & Bounties

Do you like to try a fun way of making money coding online? I am speaking about bounty programs and contests! Unlike other methods we discussed so far, this is not a sure shot way to make money programming. But its definitely fun and explores the skills in you.

A bounty program usually rewards you when you find a security issue /bug and report it with proof (how to reproduce the bug). All big companies like MicrosoftIntelFacebookGithub, and many thousands of other companies run bounty programs related to security.

For example, Github offers 30,000 US Dollars as bounty rewards for anyone who submits a valid critical security issue. They have various bounty rewards, the simple ones starting from 500 USD. Just like Github, many other companies have bounty rewards in different categories.

The problem with bounty programs is that, you cannot ensure a steady flow of revenue. Just as the name ‘bounty’, you hit a jackpot when you actually find a critical vulnerability. If you cannot claim any valid security issue, you don’t get a penny!

6.Develop games

If you’re good at developing games, you can make passive income. Games are a combination of good designs, 3d models, and programming. If you lack any skills, form a team (2 or 3 persons) to compliment your skills.

  • Upload your games in Google Play Store or iOS App store or other popular game marketplaces.
  • You can monetize games using in-app advertisements and in-app purchases.
  • Making money from advertisements is an easy to follow route, but often not producing great returns (unless you get millions of downloads).
  • The best strategy to make high returns (money) is to adopt in-app purchases. Design your game strategically that forces players to make purchases to win the game.

7.Go Local – Get Projects

As an expert web developer or programmer, you can always make extra money by taking consultation projects. Do you know you’ll get many projects from the local area you reside in?

For example, you’re a mobile app developer living in London, United Kingdom. Many startups and small businesses would be searching locally (in London) for app developers who can help with mobile application development.

If you list yourself in local directories, you’ll get reach to those who search local developers. Google My Business is a great option to get projects locally. I’ll show how.

If you’re not familiar with Google My Business, it is the Google maps based results we get when we make a query in Google. A result screenshot for the query “web developers near london” is shown below.

If you can setup an office address in your home or some co-working space near your place, you can also list in Google My Business. Once you get listed in Google My Business platform, you can improve the listing to rank higher for search keywords related to your niche.

I’ll show you some interesting data about keywords. Let’s find out how many people search with the keywords “web developer” and “mobile app developer” from the London area.



Intelligent automotive components innovation ( Huawei )
News 28 Apr-2021


Huawei is progressing to form a group of over 5,000 individuals working within the inquire about and improvement of brilliantly car components. It'll too guarantee an venture of $1 billion to bolster foundation of the industry establishment, said a news discharge on 24 April. 



At the Yearly report divulgence in April, the company reported that to boost commerce versatility, Huawei would fortify its computer program capabilities and contribute more in businesses that are less dependent on progressed prepare procedures, as well as in components for brilliantly vehicles.


The company has carved out the points of interest of its dreams with respect to the speculations, livelihoods, inquire about, and improvement for future-ready automobiles on its two later occasions - the 18th Worldwide Examiner Summit and the Auto Shanghai 2021. William Wang, president of Huawei’ shrewdly car arrangement commerce unit, whereas propelling 


Huawei Interior (Hello there) item at Auto Shanghai 2021, said “The Huawei Interior activity is planned to coordinated the company’s innovative qualities with the vehicle fabricating capabilities of automakers to construct high-end brilliantly vehicles that give a more agreeable driving experience.” Huawei had at first pronounced its section into the car industry for creating brilliantly vehicles already at the Auto Shanghai 2019 event. 


Huawei items beneath cleverly car arrangements are anticipated to assist unique gear producers to construct way better, more progressed devices for the vehicles and empower the car businesses to overhaul claim capa

Google Earth time-lapse feature added

Google Soil has propelled a time-lapse highlight that lets clients wind back the clock and see how the world has changed over a few decades.


The include employments millions of lackey pictures from the past 37 a long time to let individuals scroll through time. 

It permits individuals to see, for case, the withdraw of ice sheets nearby worldwide warming, or the deforestation of the Amazon over time. The company says it is the greatest overhaul to Google Soil in four years. 


Google Soil employments comparative innovation to the broadly utilized Maps item, but is more centered on geography and investigation than open transport and bearings.



But the time-lapse include is worldwide - meaning clients can fair sort in any area and explore with anything pictures are available. Google is intensely promoting the apparatus as a way to raise mindfulness of climate alter and other natural issues. It pointed to the moving sands of Cape Cod and the drying of Kazakhstan's Aral Ocean as striking cases of how the scene is changing. But it moreover reports the boom in towns and cities over the world - from the fast extension of Las Vegas to the building of manufactured islands in Dubai. 

"We have a clearer picture of our changing planet right at our fingertips - one that appears not fair issues but moreover arrangements, as well as mesmerisingly lovely characteristic marvels that unfurl over decades," Google said. 



An Earth-sized video Under the hood, the unused adaptation of Google Soil is fueled by 24 million diverse obsequious photographs, from Nasa, the US Geographical Survey's Landsat extend, and the EU's Copernicus project. 



"As distant as we know, time-lapse in Google Soil is the biggest video on the planet, of our planet," the company said. That kind of overwhelming handling in air-conditioned information centres employments endless sums of control, and incorporates a critical natural affect. 

Google contends that all its information centres are carbon unbiased, in spite of the fact that it does this through the hone of offsetting - paying for natural ventures to "adjust" its utilize of energy. 


The gigantic sum of authentic information moreover has other down to earth benefits - such as evacuating clouds. Any one set of photographs from the Earth's surface will have regions clouded by cloud cover that the disciple can't see.


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New Tomb Raider Game

To celebrate the 25th commemoration of the Tomb Looter establishment, Square Enix fair discharged a collection of Tomb Raider’s final three primary diversions for a uncommon cost, Tomb Raider Conclusive Survivor Set of three. Lara Croft as of late got to be a character in Fortnite’s most recent season, and Square Enix reported Croft House will moreover gotten to be a playable level within the diversion. All through the year, Square Enix guarantees to convey more news almost Tomb Looter, but no modern amusement appears to be on the publisher’s calendar. Which is terrible, given the significance of the establishment for the gaming universe. 


 Lara Croft got to be one of the greatest video diversion symbols after the discharge of the primary Tomb Marauder for the PlayStation 1, in 1996. Since at that point, Lara featured in handfuls of recreations, all rotating around the investigation of old societies and legendary places. Heavily inspired by the victory of Indiana Jones within the motion pictures, Tomb Marauder made Lara Croft an symbol so critical for pop culture that a parcel of individuals consider the her



The most arrangement of recreations gotten a reboot by designers Precious stone Flow in 2013’s Tomb Raider. The game’s victory was taken after by the discharge of Rise of the Tomb Raider, in 2015, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in 2018. A couple of hours some time recently the Square Enix occasion, the three diversions of the reboot arrangement were discharged in a modern collection for Xbox and PlayStation, a discharge that was portion of Square Enix Presents. 


Tomb Raider  Conclusive Survivor Set of three is being sold right presently for $20, as portion of the celebration of Lara Croft’s birthday, but the cost will before long go up to $50 on April 2.

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CCNA2 Chapter 1
Course - 12 Jan-2021


Exploring the Network

§Explain how multiple networks are used in everyday life.

§Explain the topologies and devices used in a small to medium-sized
business network.

§Explain the basic characteristics of a network that supports
communication in a small to medium-sized business.

§Explain trends in networking that will affect the use of networks in
small to medium-sized businesses.
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Chapter 2 will be soon